IGE Grove Parent Company
  • IGE is a scientific and technological innovation development platform jointly established by Wuhan City and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the cultivation of strategic industries. Established on September 29, 2013, it has a 214 acres of science and technology innovation park, located in the hinterland of China's Optics Valley, the national independent innovation demonstration zone-Wuhan Future Science and Technology City. Facing the global integration of strategic innovation resources in the hydrogen energy industry, we will strive to build a hydrogen energy vehicle as the mainstay and have a global competitiveness and influential hydrogen energy industry chain development layout, and promote the innovative development of the hydrogen energy industry. Unite with the world's leading partners in the hydrogen energy industry chain to open up the entire hydrogen energy industry chain, create application scenarios for hydrogen energy vehicles, and build a hydrogen energy vehicle industry ecosystem. At present, the overall industrial chain layout of hydrogen energy vehicles from hydrogen production and storage, hydrogen refueling station construction, hydrogen energy power systems, hydrogen energy vehicles and core components, to hydrogen energy testing and public services has been initially constructed.
  • IGE will become China's first international hydrogen energy industry company, and Grove will be the core driving force for the rapid and vigorous development of the IGE hydrogen industry.
Grove Enterprise industry status
Grove is the only company in China that focuses on hydrogen R&D and manufacturing Grove uses the advantages of its parent company IGE hydrogen energy industry chain to integrate and develop, carry out strategic cooperation around the world, promote and share advanced technologies, advocate clean production and green travel concepts, and is committed to becoming an ecologically leading enterprise in the hydrogen energy industry, hydrogen vehicles The world's leading enterprise of the times, to build a world-class famous brand. Grove insists on challenging the limits of low energy consumption, long battery life, zero emissions, zero pollution, safety and reliability, and builds global market competitiveness. In the field of technology, continuous innovation drives the development of the enterprise, coordinated with the national development strategy, constantly pursues excellence, and moves forward courageously to achieve the mission and vision.
Patent applied 16171617+
Patents 10001000+
Top 500 National Innov. 244244
Focus on hydrogen R&D,manufacturing Unique in China
Grove has built technical barriers in core areas such as full-power hydrogen power system, new platform architecture, innovative energy management system, lightweight body, vehicle VCU control system, thermal management technology, etc., and formed core technologies with independent intellectual property rights. For many months, he has been among the best in the field of fuel cell vehicle patents. At present, more than 1,900 patents have been applied for, and nearly 500 patents have been authorized. In May 2020, Grove ranked 244th among the top 500 national technological innovation enterprises.

The hydrogen energy industry has ecological synergistic advantages. The parent company IGE focuses on the hydrogen energy industry and uses globally competitive fuel cells (the "chip" of the hydrogen energy industry), hydrogen power systems (the "heart" of the hydrogen energy industry), and hydrogen energy Passenger cars (the "market engine" of the hydrogen energy industry) are the core, and strategic innovation resources are integrated globally, and a globally competitive hydrogen energy industry ecology has been initially constructed.

IGE has its own hydrogen production plant and hydrogen refueling station, which effectively reduces the cost of use, and can be no different from fuel and pure electricity. Grove has coordinated development in terms of hydrogen supply, market development, and vehicle operation to ensure its stability and long-term development.

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